Best Poison Ivy Killer – Top Rated Poison Ivy Killers Rated for 2022

Best Poison Ivy Killer: Poison Ivy, being one of the most dangerous garden plants can have severe impacts on your skin especially if you come in touch with it. Rashes, itchiness, and redness of the skin are some common symptoms of being touched by this cursed plant.

So, do you need to panic if your garden is getting filled with the likes of Poison Ivy and other weeds? Of course, but not that much. I mean, the use of the best Poison Ivy Killer is what you’ll need the most at that moment.

Keep in mind that utilizing is a chemical formula is much more convenient than removing the plant by organic means. Therefore, we are going to talk about some of the best chemical poison Ivy killers in the market.

I’ve done my research in this regard and have found the most reactive chemicals that can enhance the process of removing this itching plant from its roots.

List of Best Poison Ivy Killers is given below.

Poison Ivy KillerSpraying WandCheck Price
Ortho MAX Included Check Price
Roundup Poison Ivy Killer Trigger Sprayer Included Check Price
Ortho GroundClear Not Available Check Price
BioAdvanced 704655A Poison Ivy Killer Included Check Price
Bonide (BND331) Poison Ivy KillerNot Available Check Price

Ortho Max with its highly reactive chemical formula tops the list of being the best poison ivy killer available in the killer. Being regarded as one of the best in its business, no weed or pest can hide from the wrath of Ortho Max. Yeah, you heard it right. Apart from killing poison ivy from its roots, one can also say that it’s the best weed killer out there in the market.

The brand has made sure that this chemical can completely dissolve or burnout the most dangerous weeds and pests out there without any hassle. Other than that, Ortho Max would be costing you around $40. The price, in my opinion, is quite justified considering how overpowered it is.

Some important features regarding the best weed killer for the lawn are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

Kills 60 Weed and Brush Types:Ortho MAX Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer

Nothing can be saved from the fury and rage of Ortho Max and that’s actually a fact. No matter if it’s a pest or any other weed type, it will get removed from its roots easily.

Fierce Enemy of Poison Ivy:

The chemical formula is one of the most deadly enemies of different poison ivy species. Be it the typical ivy, oak, or Kudzu, Ortho Max won’t leave it alive at any cost.


The best poison Ivy killer rated for 2021 is rainproof and is non-washable for at least 2 hours. That’s the reason it can get to the roots of dangerous plants and brushes easily.

Easy to Use:

A special wand is included within the formula that can be used to spray it over weeds, shrubs, and poison Ivy without any hassle.

  • Kills 60 different types of weed.
  • An enemy of Poison Ivy species.
  • Rainproof for up to 2 hours.
  • Destroys a plant from its roots.
  • Spraying wand included.
  • Grass can get damaged if sprayed in high concentration.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

I’ve never seen a poison ivy killer as ferocious and highly reactive as Ortho Max and that’s why you should be getting it to keep your lawn away from unwanted weed.


The next chemical option up on our list is Roundup Poison Ivy Killer. It’s actually the jack of all trades when it comes to wiping oud poison ivy and related weeds from the roots. The chemical formula is specifically meant to remove the toughest brushes in the garden and it’s not a joke at all. I mean, one can remove the brushes that can’t be removed manually no matter how hard you try.

One thing that will give you peace of mind regarding this Ivy killer is that it comes with a money-back guarantee. Yeah, in case if it’s not working as advertised, you can claim a full refund on your purchase. That’s the type of trust one could expect from Roundup as it never fails to perform.

Some key features regarding the toughest Poison Ivy killer are as follows:

Key Features:

Power of Two Ingredients:Roundup Ready-to-Use Poison Ivy

This special type of formula is made by combining two of the most reactive chemical ingredients together. The end result is catastrophic for brushes, weeds, and poison ivy.

Works Deep Inside:

Well, Roundup won’t compromise on the effectiveness of the chemical formula and that’s the main reason this poison killer is meant to work and dispose of plants right from the roots.


Apart from other features, the chemical compound offers Rainproofing for around 30 minutes. It’s less than the formula we mentioned above. However, it can still offer a 100% efficiency rate even in less time.

Kills Everything in its Way:

The formula, at last, is so powerful and reactive that it can kill anything you spray it on. Be it poison ivy, Kudzu, or wild blackberry, no one can survive the reactivity of the Roundup killer.

  • Rainproof for 30 minutes.
  • A mixture of two powerful chemicals.
  • Removes anything in its way.
  • Works from the roots.
  • Burns poison ivy within a short time.
  • No wand available for easy spray.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Roundup poison ivy killer is right after Ortho Max in terms of chemical reactivity and efficiency rate. I’d suggest you try it once and it won’t be disappointing you for a long time.


Ortho GroundClear as from the name itself suggests that this product is certified poison ivy and one of the strongest weed killers in the market. I’m not sure about one thing that how is the brand able to introduce gem after gem.

I mean, the Ortho Max is one of its kind but one can beat the class and efficiency of GroundClear. It’s a garden-saving chemical formula and can easily kill like most of the wild shrubs, weeds, and poison ivy species within a snap.

What it offers the best are as follows:

Key Qualities You Must Know:

Serial Weed Killer:Ortho GroundClear Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer

In terms of killing weed, pest, and shrubs, Ortho GroundClear is highly efficient. It can remove each and every shrub right from its roots and it won’t ever grow again.

Requires Less Time to function:

It requires almost 2 to 6 weeks for GroundClear to start showing its results. All the shrubs and weeds on which you’ve sprayed it will be wilting and yellowing within less time.


Last but not the least, GroundClear is designed to remain rainproof for at least 2 hours which is the main reason it’s so efficient and highly reactive.

  • Serial weed, poison ivy, and shrub killer.
  • Kills from the root.
  • Gets absorbed in the soil easily.
  • Perfect for cleaning the garden thoroughly.
  • Gives results within 2 weeks.
  • No comfort wand included.
  • Might damage the grass.


A poison ivy killer as ferocious as BioAdvanced 704655A is making the gardeners and homeowners extremely happy. That’s because it’s a certified ready to use a formula that can kill almost every wild weed shrub or poison ivy without any hassle. With an affordable price tag and effective chemical reaction, this compound might be a perfect choice for you if your lawn is getting messy day by day.

Some notable features being offered by BioAdvanced Ivy Killer are as follows:

Key Features:BioAdvanced 704655A Brush Killer Plus

Removes 70+ Weed Types:

The highly effective chemical formula can kill off almost 70 different weed types conveniently.

Enemy of Poison Ivy Family:

Be it the typical poison ivy, poison oak, or Kudzu, no shrub or pest can remain safe from BioAdvanced chemical formula.

Ensures Special Penetration:

Plants that have got a web of developed roots can easily be removed with the help of this chemical formula as it comes with a special penetrating power.

  • Special penetrating power chemical formula.
  • Kills 70+ weeds without any problem.
  • Easy to use.
  • A nightmare for poison ivy family.
  • Might be dangerous for the skin.
  • Don’t use it barehanded.

Final Views:

Must give BioAdvanced Poison Ivy Killer a chance if the other chemical formulas aren’t giving you satisfactory results.


Although Bonide BND331 is extremely effective against the likes of Poison Ivy and stubborn weeds, it’s surely a pet-friendly weed killer. With the qualities and features it offers, one can use it to take out an extensive garden cleaning operation. Although the thing that you should keep in mind about Bonide BND331 is that it doesn’t come with any helpful accessories such as a comfort wand. You must have the best weeding tools to utilize this chemical formula properly.

Some key features are as follows:

Technical Features You Must Know:

Ideal for Brush and Weed:Bonide (BND331) - Poison Ivy and Brush Killer

Apart from poison ivy, Bonide can kill stubborn brushes and weeds that are harder to be eliminated manually.

Suitable for Stump:

Got sumps in your lawn that you are unable to remove? Try Bonide weed killer on it and it will show you what an exceptional chemical formula it is.

Grass Friendly:

Last but not the least, the use of the latest chemical elements in Bonide ensures a grass-friendly working process. You can spray it around the lawn without any stress.

  • Pet friendly poison ivy killer.
  • Doesn’t affect the grass.
  • Removes stump efficiently.
  • No comfort wand included.
  • A bit pricey.

Final Views:

Get your hands on Bonide poison ivy killer if you don’t want to damage the beauty of your lawn while removing unwanted shrubs and weeds like a charm.

Top 3 Picks:

Based on customer feedback, chemical reactivity, and diverse efficiency, the top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. Ortho MAX as it’s the best poison ivy killer in 2021.
  2. Roundup Poison Ivy Killer if you want to remove the shrubs from its roots.
  3. Ortho GroundClear for an extensive lawn cleaning operation.

Some Last Words:

That would be it from me regarding the best poison ivy killers of 2021. If you want to make your garden or lawn protective from dangerous plants and shrubs, I’d recommend you to consider getting a poison ivy killer from the list I’ve mentioned above.

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