Best Grass Seed for Shade Rated for 2022 – Top 5 Latest Picks

One of the most important facts about lawn grass is that it hates shade. Now, there might be many reasons the grass won’t get enough sunlight and that’s why your lawn will look disastrous and baldy from different areas. So, what to do in this situation?

Is there any remedy?  Yes!  There is one thing that you can do to avoid this situation and that is to get yourself the best grass seed for shade.

To put it simpler, everyone laws a green and lush lawn full of grass and without any patches. You won’t want your lawn to look terrible especially when you are trying to make an impression in the neighborhood.

In simple words, you must need the help of grass that can withstand harsh shady conditions without any hassle.

Therefore, if you are adamant about solving this issue of your lawn, look no further, as I’ve got you covered. A compiled list of top-rated shade-resistant grass seeds is extracted for you after hours and hours of research and personal experience.

List of Best Grass Seed for Shades

Grass SeedSuitable ForCheck Price
Pennington Smart Seed Temperate Areas Check Price
Scotts Turf BuilderAll Climates Check Price
Scotts EZ Grass SeedTropical Areas Check Price
Jonathan Green 10765Temperate Areas Check Price
Canada Green Grass SeedTropical Areas Check Price

Take a look as follows:

Starting with Pennington Smart Grass Seed, it’s been named as the best lawn grass available in 2022. Why? Because it’s capable of resisting and tolerating extensive shade and heat environment respectively.

What I liked the most about this seed is that it grows within a short period of time. Besides, it has the capability of saving you an improved water percentage as compared to ordinary lawn grass. The best thing about this grass seed package?

It’d cost you around 20 bucks only to cover at least 750 sq. feet area. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Well, let’s talk about some key features that the best grass seed for shade offers:

Technical Features You Need to Know:

Harsh Environment Resistance:Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Best Grass Seed for shade

Pennington grass seed is resistant to the likes of shade, be it from trees or the neighbor’s wall. It’s also resistant to extremely hot temperatures.

Covers More Area:

One single packet of grass seed can cover an area of around 750 sq. feet. It means you can cover every inch of your lawn by growing this grass without spending a lot of money.

Water-Saving Grass Seeds:

The latest biotechnical engineering done with the seeds enables the grass to save you almost 30% more water as compared to typical grass which is just amazing.

Fine Blades:

One last thing that I’d want to mention is that the end result of Pennington seed is grass with fine and beautiful blades. Your lawn will give an aesthetic and lush green look for sure.

  • Designed to resist extreme shade.
  • Grows in less sunlight easily.
  • Saves 30% more water than typical grass.
  • Lasts longer than expected.
  • Covers a large lawn easily.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Growing process takes a long time.
  • Not suitable for Florida.


Got frustrated with trying every type of grass seed already? If nothing is working in your land to bring back its beauty, you should give Scotts Turf builder a shot because it’s worth it. To be honest, I’ve been using the grass seed from Scotts since 2019 and it’s worked like a charm for me up till now.

What amazed me the most about this turf builder is that it’s an all-in-one formula. It will solve the fertility issues of your soil, make the turf thicker than expected, and will remove patches in your lawn within a short time period. What else do you need? It’s the perfect package for a dreadful lawn whether you believe it or not.

Some notable features being offered by the best all-rounder grass seed are as follows:

Key Features About Scotts Turf Builder:Scotts-Turf-Builder-Thick'R-Lawn-Sun-&-Shade

3-in-1 Solution:

Scotts Turf Builder is much more than a typical grass seed. It’s been engineered in such a way that it offers a 3-in-1 solution, i.e. to make the soil fertile, remove the gaps, and to grow the grass as thick as possible.

50% Thicker Lawn:

You would not believe this, but the brand offers a 50% thicker grass even with less ideal conditions. Be it extreme shade or heat, the grass will grow extremely thick if you are dealing with it properly.

Soil Improver Included:

One of the reasons I like this grass seed for shade is that it has got a soil improver option. It enables the root of the grass to get extremely developed for perfect lawn coverage.

Covers Large Area:

Well, a 40lbs. the seed bag is more than enough to cover a large lawn without any hassle. Once the seeds are flourished, you won’t have to worry much about the patches for a long time.

  • Grows 50% thicker grass than typical seed.
  • All-rounder solution.
  • Fertilizer included to make soil nutrient-sufficient.
  • Converts a dreadful lawn into lush and plush grassland.
  • 40 lbs. seed bag can cover a large area.
  • Shade tolerant and heat resistant.
  • A bit pricey (Completely Justified)
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Well, I’m literally out of words to actually explain how effective and efficient Scotts Turf builder is. You must get it, especially if no other option is working for you. Believe me, it would be worth every penny you spend on it.

Up next on our list is another masterpiece from Scotts which is bioengineered in such a way that it will make your lawn as green as a meadow. Yes, I’m talking about EZ Grass Seed which is already getting extremely popular among the peeps who are frustrated with the patches and baldness of their interior lawns.

Talking of the qualities, EZ seed comes in with a mixture of fertilizer, mulch, and grass particles. The combination of these three compounds ensures quick results with 100% yield and no I’m not joking or exaggerating anything at all.

Some notable features being offered by EZ Grass seed are as follows:

Key Features

Perfect for Dense Shade:Scotts-EZ-Seed-Patch-and-Repair-Sun-and-Shade

EZ seed comes with a combination of 3 different ingredients that help grow the grass even in a densely shaded lawn. The grass will grow even if there’s no sunlight.

Working of Mulch:

Scotts has used a special element in its grass seed, i.e. Mulch. What it does is that it penetrates deep down the soil and brings out the finest grass blades right from its roots.

Inclusion of Fertilizer:

Well, an updated and bio-technically manufacturer fertilizer has so many benefits. One of the major ones is that it enhances the growth process in areas where there is no sunlight at all.

No Washing Away Issue:

Many homeowners are facing the issue while watering the lawn, i.e. washing away of the seed. However, with Scotts EZ Grass seed, you won’t be facing this issue as it comes with a tackifier for that purpose.

  • Comes with mulch for better root development.
  • Introduces finest grass in the lawn.
  • Works ideally even in dense shade.
  • Fertilizer makes the soil fertile enough.
  • No washing away issue via tackifier.
  • Keeps seedlings safe from diseases and weed.
  • Won’t work in tropical regions.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Scotts EZ Grass Seed is an epitome of high efficiency and effectiveness combined in a single package. Want your lawn or garden to look like a lush meadow? Ensure using this grass seed fertilizer combo for perfect results.

People who are residing in the premises of Wisconsin and nearby areas often face issues in growing grass with 100% efficiency. That’s because they are not using the right grass seed that actually suits the environment of Wisconsin.

Well, if you are already disappointed, then look no further as I present you Jonathan Green grass seed packet.

It’s perfectly engineered for specific dense and extremely heaty conditions. The grass it grows is resistant to pest, weed, and other diseases at the same time. What it offers the best is keeping the lawn away from patches and dryness without costing a lot of money. Some important features being included with Jonathan Green are as follows:

Technical Features About the Best Grass Seed for Shade:

Repairs Summer Damage:Jonathan-Green-10765-Fall-Magic-Grass-Seed

If some of the areas of your lawn are badly damaged due to intense sunlight during the summers, you can take the services of Jonathan Green grass seed to repair the disaster easily.

Suitable for Dense Shade:

The Magic grass seed works perfectly in areas where there is no sunlight. It can be disposed of beneath the trees or to cover the rough patches without any hassle.

Makes your Lawn Aesthetic:

Want your lawn to be as green as possible? If that’s the case, just pour down the seeds from Jonathan Green, water it properly, and see the magic of the seedlings within a few days.

Perfect for Tropical Areas:

In case you are living in hot areas such as Wisconsin or Texas, you must use the grass seed from this brand. It’s specifically designed to cover the damage of intense summers conveniently.

  • Shade tolerant grass seed.
  • 20 lbs. package covers at least 750 sq. feet.
  • Gives the lawn a new and fresh look.
  • Seedlings are dominant on the soil.
  • Perfect option for tropical areas.
  • Resistant to direct sunlight.
  • Requires more water as compared to other seed brands.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Well, to be really honest, the grass seedlings from Jonathan Green do work like a miracle especially in a heat-damaged area. It must be a priority for you if you are living in areas such as Texas and Wisconsin.


Finally, we’d be wrapping up our review section with Canada Green Grass Seed. For starters, this type of grass seed is specifically designed to resist bugs, weed, and other pests in the lawn. Apart from that, it’s an ideal situation for cold areas where the sunlight ratio is very low throughout the day.

One thing is for sure that right after you invest in Canada Green Grass seed, you won’t have to worry about the greenery of your lawn at all. Other than that, a 6-pound bag of grass seed from this brand will cost you around %30. It’s justified considering how miraculously the seed works in temperate areas.

Some important features of Canada Green Grass Seed are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Resists Bugs and Weeds:Canada-Green-Grass-Seed

Thanks to the upgraded technology and chemicals being used in the grass seed, it resists weed and bugs like a charm and won’t allow any weed to grow at all.

Perfect for Temperate Areas:

The colder regions of the United States are an ideal choice for Canada Green Grass seed. It can grow in dense shades as well as in low sunlight without any hassle.

Quick Results:

Well, you won’t have to wait for a long time to see the results. Right after you are done with sprinkling them in the lawn, you’d be seeing your lawn turning to lush green color in a few days.

Long-Lasting Effect:

One last thing that I’d love to share with you guys is that Canada Green is meant for long-term business. Once the grass grows fully, it can survive many seasons and summers like a fine wine.

  • Suitable for temperature areas.
  • Works perfectly in dense shades.
  • Grows thick and green grass in a matter of days.
  • Long-lasting effect is imminent.
  • Justified price tag.
  • Consumes a good amount of water.
  • Not recommended for sunburned grass.

Final Views:

The dense shade tolerant grass seed from Canada Green should be a priority for you if you want to keep your lawn green and plush during the winters.

Top 3 Picks:

Based on what has worked for me the best, expert gardeners’ opinion, and what the customers say, the top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. Pennington Smart Seed as it’s the best grass seed for dense shade 2022.
  2. Scotts Turf Builder if you want an all-rounder solution for your lawn.
  3. Canada Green Grass Seed if you are residing in a temperate area.

Some Last Words:

It’s a painful experience to see other trees and plants flourishing in your garden except for the grass due to unexpected circumstances. Therefore, getting the best grass seed that offers a perfect grass growing experience in low sunlight is a must these days.

To make a wise decision, I’d want you to check out my discussion on the top-rated grass seed products I’ve mentioned above. I’m hopeful that you’d find that one seed that will work with your lawn to make it as green and aesthetically beautiful as possible.

Dropdown any type of problems you are facing in the selection process and I’d be more than happy to help you in this regard.

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