Best Dandelion Killer Reviews 2021 – Top Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching for the best dandelion killer? We have some effective products here that will never burn the lawn. Dandelions are yellow flowers that might attract you, but after a few days of their appearance, they start messing up with the whole lawn. Also, it will frustrate you with its seeds, so you need the best weed killer for them.

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Choosing the best dandelion killer is not stress-free as there are several organic and inorganic options on the market. Below we have mentioned the best dandelion killers with its pros and cons to make your decision wisely and simpler.

Picking the accurate weed killer will help you to make your lawn neat and tidy. So without any further ado, just scroll down to find the best dandelion killer.

ProductRatingCheck Price
Southern AG Amine Dandelion Killer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Preen Weed Control⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ortho Killer Lawn Weed Control Concentrate 1LB⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ortho Chickweed Weed B Gon⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1: Southern AG Amine Dandelion Killer

Our top pick is the southern Ag amine weed killer that is lightweight. And you can use this weed killer for killing several types of weed. Plus, it is the best dandelion killer that you can spray on the sidewalks. Also, you can use it in the garden.

Southern-Ag-Amine Dandelion Killer

Moreover, this dandelion killer is lightweight so you can carry the container easily. Plus, you need to add a few spoons of the dandelion killer in the water because it has a high concentration.

Also, you can use it for several weed types. It has a fan nozzle spray. And you can spray it directly on the lawn.

Other than that, you need to spray this dandelion killer for at least three times for the best results. Some people complain that the size of the dandelion killer is too small. So if you have a large lawn, you must buy more than one bottle of the dandelion killer.

Lastly, after applying this weed killer on the lawn, wait for 2 weeks. It takes a bit longer to work, but the results are excellent. It was the best dandelion killer in 2019.

Why we Like It:

  • Selective broadleaf weed control
  • For use in pastures, lawn, and golf courses
  • Contains 3.8lbs
  • Apply as a coarse, low-pressure spray
  • Works in just a few hours
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight bottle
  • Effective
  • Best for killing dandelion
  • Bottle is small


2: Preen Weed Control - Best Dandelion Killer

Next, we have the preen weed control that will kill the dandelion in less time. Also, you can buy this product for the best results. Plus, it will never destroy the lawn. And you can buy this weed killer for keeping your garden neat and tidy. The best time to spray dandelions is the spring season.


More than that, this weed killer will kill all the weeds in 72 hours. And it will cover a large area of 5000 square feet area. Besides, the preen weed control is usually sprayed on the turfgrass. And this weed killer is useful for protecting the grass of the lawn.

Best of all, it will kill 200 weeds in a few hours. Plus, this weed killer doesn't include the chemicals. But do not apply this dandelion killer on the new lawn. And this weed will leave some of the effects behind. It is the best crabgrass and dandelion killer.

Why we Like It:

  • Controls dandelions
  • Kills several types of weed
  • Will not burn the lawn
  • Apply granules to wet lawn
  • Covers 5,000 square ft area
  • Lawn weed control only
  • Easy to apple
  • No chemicals
  • Quick results
  • No cons as such


3: Ortho Killer Lawn Weed Control Concentrate 1LB

Next, we have the ortho killer lawn control that has maximum coverage. Also, it is ideal for killing 50 different kinds of weed. Plus, you can kill the plantains as well as clover with this product.

And it will never damage the lawn. Also, it has an intense concentration, so you need to mix some water. And for treating 50 sq ft of area mix 6ml of water.


Moreover, the ortho killer works quickly. This weed killer comes in a bottle, but you can spray it through any nozzle. Also, it will efficiently kill 50 different kinds of weed. And you will get 33.8 ounces of liquid and use it the very easy way. It is the best dandelion killer that will never disappoint you.

Lastly, you can buy this weed killer for protecting your lawn from several kinds of weeds. It is the best dandelion killer concentrate.

Why we Like It:

  • Provides maximum coverage
  • Controls over 50 types of weeds
  • Won’t damage the lawn
  • Kills all the weeds effectively
  • Works effectively
  • Doesn't damage the grass
  • Tank sprayer is easy to use
  • No cons as such


4: Ortho Chickweed Weed BGon - Best Dandelion Killer

Next, we have the ortho chickweed b gon weed killer. And you can trust this brand because it is 150 years old. And you can get rid of the most robust weed from the ortho chickweed b gon.

Ortho-Weed-B-Gon - Best Dandelion weed killer

Plus, you can keep the lawn clean with this weed killer. Also, this dandelion killer will kill the wildflowers and other weeds.

Besides, the ortho weed killer will kill the weeds from their roots. And it works like a broadleaf weed killer. Plus, you can get rid of the plants for a long time. Also, this weed killer is perfect for small areas.

You will get a 16-ounce bottle that will cover small areas. It will cover the 32,00 sq.ft area. Plus, you can spray the liquid with a sprayer as well.

Other than that, this weed killer will safely work on grass but doesn't harm it. And you can spray this dandelion killer once or twice for the best results. Also, it has several advantages.

One of the best benefits of this dandelion killer is that it doesn't kill the grass. Also, it is easy to apply. Plus, you can buy a nozzle sprayer for spraying it on the lawn. And the small bottle is suitable for smaller gardens only.

Consequently, this weed killer will effectively kill the dandelions. And you can wait for 5 to 6 hours for the best result. Also, it becomes water-resistant after 6 hours.

Unfortunately, this weed killer will not kill the ivy plants on the lawn. And do not buy this weed killer if you want to kill violets. The small bottle is not enough for the large lawn. And you need to apply this product several times if your lawn has a lot of weeds. It is the best dandelion killer safe for pets.

Why we Like It:

  • Kills weed from the roots
  • Rainproof after 6 hours of application
  • Ready to spray
  • Spray when the temperature is below 90 degrees
  • Destroy the weed
  • Ideal for small lawns
  • Easy to use
  • Kills weed in 6 hours
  • Doesn't kill the violet weed



Can We Protect The Grass While Killing The Dandelions In Our Lawn By Weed Killer?

Yes, several dandelion killers will not destroy the lawn. And you must spray the broadleaf herbicide to kill the dandelions and protect the grass. Usually, the broadleaf weed killer goes to the roots of dandelions but doesn't affect the grass.

Which Are The Best Companies Of Dandelion Killer?

Some of the best companies of the dandelion killers are southern AG Amin Dandelion Killer, Preen Weed Control, Ortho Killer Lawn Weed Control Concentrate 1LB, and Ortho Chickweed Weed B.

Is There A Way To Kill The Dandelions Naturally?

By applying apple cider vinegar or white vinegar on the lawn will kill the dandelions. And after three to four hours, the dandelions will start dying by turning its color into brown.

How Long Do Dandelions Killers Take To Kill All The Weeds In Lawn?

All the products take different time to kill the dandelion. Some of them will take more than 2 weeks. In comparison, the other dandelion killers work within one week. Also, it takes time to kill the weed from the roots.

To Sum Up

Which product gained your attention the most after reviewing the 4 best dandelion killers? And now you know that these dandelion killers will not kill the grass. And you can keep the lawn clean and beautiful. Also, you can choose any of the dandelion killers for the best results in a few weeks. The effectiveness of the dandelion killers will surprise you.

Besides, we suggest the Preen Weed Control to those buyers who need to kill several types of weeds from their lawn, including dandelion. And it will not burn the lawn. Other than that, if you need a rainproof weed killer, then purchase Ortho Chickweed Weed B. Also, it comes ready to spray.

Thank you for reading.

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