Best Weed Killer for Southern Lawns 2022 – Top Reviews & Comparisons

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than a lush green lawn, especially in the summer. Undoubtedly, green lawns promote a sense of happiness and comfort. Remember, if you do not take the proper steps to manage them, fast-growing weeds may ruin your delight and make them look ugly. 

The use of electric weed eaters sometimes can be hectic due to the short length of the cord. In such a situation, herbicides and weed killers are the perfect solutions to fight against the unwelcome guests of your garden. 

Thus, to prevent further growth of weeds in your lawn, it is necessary to use the best weed killer for southern lawns to eliminate weeds. 

Before choosing the best lawn product to kill weeds, you need to identify the type of weeds. Weeds come in different types. It is vital to know what types of weed you have on your lawn to deal with them smartly.

There are two types of weed:

  • Grass-like Weeds
  • Broadleaf Weeds
  • Annual Weeds
  • Perennial Weeds

Let’s dig deep down to find out more!

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Top 7 Weed Killer For Southern Lawns Reviews 2021

The wide variety of weed control products available are ideal for gardeners and those who need to treat an entire yard. But the question arises here; What is the best weed killer for southern lawns? 

Choosing the right weed killer for your lawn may not be easy due to the sheer number of options available on the market. Being an expert in gardening, I have discussed the top-rated weed killer for southern lawns under different price tags.

These lawn killers are effective, pet-safe, kid-friendly, and strong enough to kill the toughest weed organically. These top weed killer reviews will help you to make a wise decision. So let’s jump on our first lawn herbicide.

1: Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer: Best Lawn Spray For Weeds

  • Selective Broadleaf Weed Control
  • For use in pastures & rangeland, lawns, golf courses, cemeteries, parks,& similar ornamental turf.

Being a selective post-emergent herbicide, AG Amine is widely used to control broadleaf weeds, including chickweed, clover, dandelion, and poison ivy. The best part is that it does not damage the plants on the lawn. 

Southern Ag is made to be used in a variety of places which is another plus. You can not only use this weed killer in your lawns but also for golf courses, parks, and cemeteries. The list does not stop here; it is equally helpful in killing the weeds in pastures, rangelands, and similar ornamental turf. 

Best of all, I found this Ag Amine very economical and reliable for lawn care problems. In one acre of land, four pints of this chemical are sufficient. It is recommended to add only 2 to 3 tablespoons of liquid concentrate in 3 to 5 gallons of water to cover 1000 sq. ft. The bottle weighs 32 oz and covers an area between 21,000 to 32,000. 

This weed control product is effective for six months to a year, depending on its application. In addition to this, it is easy to use with both a hand-pump sprayer or a hose-end sprayer. 

Overall, being a pre and post-emergent weed killer, it reduces the chances of growth and regrowth of weeds in your lawn. Therefore, it is known as the best broadleaf weed killer for southern lawns.

  • Adequate to control woody plants and broadleaf weeds
  • Offers economical use: 1 to 4 pints per acre
  • It can be used at multiple grassy locations
  • It lasts long up to one year
  • Use it several times for‌ ‌a‌ ‌large‌ ‌lawn

Hose end sprayer directions are missing
The desired results take about a week

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2: PBI/Gordon Speed Zone: Best Pre Emergent Weed Killer For Southern Lawns

  • Visible results in hours - Reseed in just two weeks
  • Covers from 14,000 to 18,000 square feet - perfect for large property owners
  • Rapid and effective weed control for common and troublesome weed species in turfgrass
  • Does not harm lawn grasses - Cool Weather Performance
  • RESTRICTED: This product can NOT be shipped to the following states: AK, DC, MA, NJ,VT.
Gordon lawn weed killer is specifically designed to cover the larger grass areas effectively. As the name suggests, Speed Ozone is quick enough to deliver results within early hours after spray. Moreover, the reseeding takes two weeks which is good. 

It is grass friendly spray that does not affect the plants at all. Being the most affordable weed killer, the 20 ounces offers 20 gallons to cover 14,300 sq. ft. If you want to cover large areas, such as from 14,000 to 18,000 square feet, Gordon is surely what you need. 

I used this in turfgrass and found it rapid and effective to control common and troublesome weed species. Surprisingly, it can prevent 75 + weeds, including ground ivy/ creeping Charlie, dandelions, and clover. 

Even if you use it every 2 to 6 weeks, you will not run out of concentrate. For an average-sized lawn, you will be able to use it for a year. 

To summarize, the Speed Zone is the perfect solution to get visible results within hours against robust weeds. As the best weed control for southern lawns, it serves as both pre and post-emergent. 

  • Suitable‌ ‌for‌ ‌spot‌ ‌treatment‌ ‌of‌ ‌weeds
  • Perfect for covering large-scale lawns
  • Within 24 hours, visible results
  • Blend of 4-way herbicide
  • Performs excellently in cool weather
  • Not suitable for all types of lawn
  • Temporarily kills the creeping Charlie


3: Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns: Best Pre Emergent Weed Killer For Southern Lawns

  • Kills dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds
  • Won’t harm the lawn - (when used as directed)
  • Kills weeds to the root
  • Kills 250+ listed weeds (See label for listed weeds)
  • Results in hours
  • Not sold in TX
When it comes to killing the weeds from the root, Ortho B Gon is the right concentrate solution that values your money. Unlike other herbicides such as the RM43 solution, it is purely formulated to target the lawn weeds without harming the lawn. 

Thanks to the friendly composition that does not affect the vegetables and grass grown in winter, making it the best winter weed killer for southern lawns. The great thing is that the B Gon killer is equally helpful for Northern yards. 

As far as the performance is concerned, the Ortho weed guarantees to kill over 250 plus weeds and won’t damage your lawn. You are likely to see the results in hours when used as directed. Most importantly, some weed killers do not work in the rain. But thanks to Weed B, it is rainproof for one hour. 

Designed to kill major broadleaf weeds, it is used on grasses including St. Augustine (excluding Floratam), Bahiagrass, Bermudagrass, Bluegrass, Buffalograss, Centipedegrass, Fescues, Ryegrass, and Zoysiagrass. 

To maximize results, spray it when weeds are growing actively, such as dandelions and clover. This product values your money and is ideal for not only large but small areas as well.  

Talking about its coverage, the 32 oz size can cover 16,000 sq. ft. and 1 gallon covers up to 64,000 sq. ft. 

The bottom line is that B Gon is an effective weed remover and kill to the root and perfect solution to clean the sidewalks and parking lots.

  • Compatible with a tank sprayer or Ortho Dial N Spray
  • See results in hours
  • It kills 250 plus weeds
  • Rainproof in hour
  • It kills weeds to the roots
  • The watery and thinner concentrate is reported
  • Needs multiple sprayings
  • Not sold in Texas


4: Southern Ag 13503: Best Liquid Weed Killer For Southern Lawns

  • For use on 9 turf types
  • Controls a wide range of lawn weeds
  • A patented combination of 3 proven weed killers
  • Directions for use in conventional & hose end sprayers
  • Recommend to use - Surfactant for Herbicide - for increased performance
It is no surprise to have another Sothern product on our list. The Southern 13503 effectively controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds in your lush green lawn. 

Formulated with a unique patented combination of 3 formulas, it is a proven weed killer. It is a versatile weed killer that you can use in both conventional and hose-end sprayers. Having active ingredients like 5.30% mecoprop, 3.05% 2, 4-D, 1.29% dicamba offers easy application with an expandable hose as well.  

What is great about this best weed killer for lawns is that you can use it on nine different turf types, including St. Augustine. Furthermore, it is the perfect solution for tender and junior weeds. 

It is a pet-safe product when used as directed on the label of Southern Ag Lawn Weed Killer. That is why it is popular among pet owners. For enhanced performance and rapid results, mix this herbicide with the surfactant. 

For almost 400 square of southern grass lawn, the recommended ratio is one to one and a half ounces of herbicides per gallon of water. Whereas in Northern grasses, 1.5 oz per gallon is suitable for 400 square feet. 

In a nutshell, the Southern Ag is a versatile weed killer to kill a wide variety of lawn weeds. The uniform application with a fan nozzle brings quicker results on the turf.

  • For use on nine turf types
  • Controls multiple weeds efficiently
  • The patented formula of proven weed killer
  • Use in conventional and hose-end sprayers
  • Uses surfactant for increased performance
  • Buy surfactant separately
  • Found ineffective in many cases


5: Southern Ag: Best Weed Killer For South Texas Lawns

  • For use on 9 turf types
  • Controls a wide range of lawn weeds
  • A patented combination of 3 proven weed killers
  • Directions for use in conventional & hose end sprayers
The best herbicide is one of the effective solutions for lawn maintenance. As it efficiently controls common weeds along with dandelions, ragweeds, and crabgrass. The Southern Ag Trimec is no exception. 

This lawn weed control is multifunctional and best to kill large numbers of lawn weeds effectively. Thanks to the formulation, it is good to go for nine different turf types. Its patented formula is proven to be a weed killer if you follow the directions carefully. 

It is flexible to spray uniformly with a fan nozzle on the turf. The best part is that you can also use a hose-end sprayer with this. But remember to follow the labeled direction carefully. Moreover, I would suggest you avoid spray drift on trees and shrubs. To obtain maximum coverage, spray accurately.

Although it is best for St. Augustine, not valid for improved St. Augustine varieties in the South, including Bermuda, Bahia, bluegrass, fescues, rye, and centipede. It kills most broadleaf weeds from your lawn and gives it a beautiful look. 

It is used differently for Southern and Northern grasses. For Northern lawns, one plus oz is sufficient to clean 400 square ft. Meanwhile, 1 to 1 plus oz is ample to deal with 400 sq. ft. in Northern lawns. 

To conclude, the Southern Trimec is the best choice for those who are unsure where to spend less money to get great results.

  • Ideal for nine turf types
  • It covers a large range of weeds
  • Use with both conventional and hose-end sprayers
  • Some customers reported it reached without labeling
  • Require stronger mixture than mentioned


6: Bio-Advanced Southern Weed Killer: Best Weed Killer For South Florida Lawns

It has never been easier to control weeds in your lawn. But thanks to Bio-Advanced, the exclusive formula works as a selective herbicide to eliminate weeds down to the roots. It is done with just one application. 

The Bio ensures to kill over 200 broadleaf lawn weeds listed on the bottle. It is efficient to control pesky weeds such as dollar weeds, chickweed, clover, dandelion, and much more, especially in Southern weeds.

The biggest fear of using any herbicide is that it may also damage the plants. But this best liquid weed killer for southern lawns guarantees not to harm your plants if you follow the instructions. 

This herbicide is effective on lawns in the South, ‌including‌ ‌St.‌ ‌Augustinegrass, Centipede ‌ grass,‌ ‌Zoysiagrass,‌ and ‌Bermudagrass. At the same time, it is not a good option for Floratam. 

Surprisingly, this weed killer for grass offers rainproof protection in an hour and does not wash away the effectiveness. It is necessary to determine the size of the area and the amount of product to deal with smartly.

To spray individual weeds, hold the tip of the herbicide about 12 inches away from the weed and aim at its center. To finalize, the BioAdvanced is a blend of proven weed killers to enhance the beauty of your lawn.

  • Kills over 200 listed broadleaf weeds
  • It is pretty easy to use
  • Provides rainproof protection
  • Specifically designed for Southern lawns
  • Requires more than one application to work properly


7: Southern Ag CROSSBOW32: Best Lawn Weed Killer For Southern Lawns

  • Size: 1 Quart
  • Controls most unwanted trees and brush.
  • Use on rangeland, grass pastures, non-crop areas.
  • CONTAINS: 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, butoxyethyl ester, Triclopyr
  • For large quantity discount consideration or to request a mixed multi-pack, please message us.
The Southern CrossBow is renowned for controlling the most unwanted trees and brushes with its active ingredient of triclopyr. As a heavy-duty concentrate, it kills the invasive and pesky brush, brambles, trees, and other unwanted trees.  

This is ideal for non-crop areas, grass pastures, and rangeland. This broadleaf herbicide for lawns also works on patios, driveways, and brickwork and removes the weeds.

I also vouch for this powerful concentrate to be used as a spot application. The types and rates of application will vary depending on the product label. Similarly, mix 4 to 6 fl. oz in 3 gallons of water for spot application. And be sure to wet all foliage with the spray thoroughly.

You need to be careful while using this product, as this is designed to be used for plants in non-timber and non-crop areas. It is strongly recommended to avoid using this product for plants grown for research purposes, commercial use, and commercial seed production.  

Another reason I like CrossBow is that it is environment friendly and pet safe. Moreover, it is rainproof, and the effects last approximately two hours after application. 

All in all, this 32 Weedkiller is the best weed killer for southern grass to remove unwanted weeds in the non-timber and non-crop areas.

  • Effective to kill stiff bushes and weeds
  • Easy to use
  • Best for spring and fall seasons
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Work may take somewhat longer ‌than‌ ‌others
  • Chemical odor is unpleasant

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